Freaky Lynx (freakylynx) wrote in horror_convenes,
Freaky Lynx

Convention Reports

I've attended a number of conventions, though mostly not on the horror side - got all the reports written in my memories section for anyone that is curious.

I've only attended Horrorfind and have written reviews of both experiences:

Horrorfind 2003 and Horrorfind 2004. In a few weeks I'll be adding a 2005 report as well ;)

I've also been to FurFright, though that's more of a anthropomorphic convention with a horror tint rather than a straight horror type convention.

I'm interested in attending other types of horror conventions but so far my experience has led me to believe that most are just there for gathering autographs and buying stuff. Has anyone had any experiences where it sort of went "beyond" that type of arena? Like a more active type of participation, maybe a bit more fan-based rather than celebrity based convention? Or at least offering nicer types of stuff to buy...
The celebrities are so far the only reason I have attended Horrorfind three times in a row, I want to be interested in the convention itself - that's what has gotten me to attend so many furry cons...
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